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red sun rises - Walk from the darkness, back into the light... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Matthew Marcucci

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red sun rises [Feb. 16th, 2006|11:51 pm]
Matthew Marcucci
Just take your hands upon my blade
And stick it in my skin
Anything to take your pain away

Inject the medicine into
My rotting flesh
As long as it gets you through the day

It’s a cold night
Colder in your presence
It’s a fiery sky
And this vision is relentless

The moon will be shining in the dead of night
The shadows will taunt me with a whisper
And I’ll bleeding on your porch in the moonlight
I’ll live and die for your cure

Tie me to a chair and beat me
Make me black and blue
Anything but to be here one more day

The disease is spreading
And there’s nothing left to lose
What will it take to make it all okay?

Fire reigns
And emblazons the blues skies
And you bleeding pains
Drip blood from your blue eyes

And the moon is shining in the dead of the night
The shadows haunt me with the past
And I am bleeding, outside of your home
I guess it goes to show that nothing lasts.

The twilight speaks to me
Tells me that it’s down hill from here.
It says, son, be weary
This path you walk is bloodied with fear.

So let’s sit back and watch a red sun rise.