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This would make a lot more sense if life were a soap opera.... - Walk from the darkness, back into the light... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Matthew Marcucci

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This would make a lot more sense if life were a soap opera.... [May. 1st, 2005|12:53 am]
Matthew Marcucci
live journal... you've lied to me. All these years I thought you were my real wife. But i've learned the truth! You are actually my wife's evil twin created from the freak cloning accident set off when J.R. threatened to shoot grandpa for stealing his daughter who actually was his best friends daughter who he helped conceive with another woman after lying to his wife saying there was no other woman. (She then, of course, proceeded to kill herself when the baby did not have her eyes, go figure.)

but I know something you do not, livejournal, I am not left handed!

and my true love is NOT dead, as you would have led me to believe! xanga is still out there! and i am returning to her. But first, i will set off this bomb that was given to me by Babe after she killed her 3rd cousin twice removed in the armory after being led there, seemingly to her own doom, by her ex-husband, Christopher, who was pulled into the mafia through an old commitment he made to Vinny when he needed someone to kill off his brother who was going to spread word about Chris's secret drug operation.

(good times... gooooooooood times...)

but, anyways, goodbye.